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Intershop distributes health protection brands in blister form

Intershop Company distributes blister products for all lines of Larune.

Life requires each individual to actively improve their physical condition. Since its appearance on the market, health food brand Larune has diversified product lines, prepared according to strict European standards. Recently, Intershop company has distributed Larune in blister form for all Larune product lines besides the compact 60-tablet box size.

Larune is a comprehensive healthcare brand for the whole family. Larune's product lines are all manufactured at the Irati International factory, which is globally famous in the field of development and production of dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment.

Some product lines of Larune distributed by Intershop:

- Nutricare Multivitamins and Minerals: Support to strengthen resistance, immune system, and supplement essential vitamins and minerals for the body.

- Nutricare Memory: The product supports brain circulation, reduces symptoms caused by cerebral circulatory insufficiency.

- Nutricare Joint Confort: Specializes in helping to solve arthritis pain problems with benign extracts completely from precious herbs.

- Nutricare Pregnant Woman: Support to provide essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy.

- Nutricare Blood Sugar: Support to maintain blood sugar and prevent diabetes.

- Nutricare Hair and Nails: Supports strong hair and nails.

Intershop Company distributes Larune in blister form of 30 tablets. The product after preparation is wrapped in capsules (capsule) with compact design, easy to take. At the same time, it is contained in a compact medicine box, with a capacity of 60 tablets.

Larune is a blister pack of 30 tablets, allowing users to easily carry it around. Both box and blister specifications apply to all Larune products. Thereby, once again affirming the professionalism of this pharmaceutical brand in its efforts to take care of consumers' health.

Intershop Company (Full name: Intershop Co., Ltd.) is a reputable distributor of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and functional foods in the domestic and foreign markets. 8 years of development with the principle of taking care of health and improving the quality of life for the community, Intershop constantly brings to the market quality products manufactured at prestigious global factories headquartered in Vietnam. France, America...

Famous brands distributed by Intershop can be mentioned as DottorPrimo, BProtected, Medicosh, Henry Blooms, Orlavi, most recently Larune. Currently, Intershop distributes products to a system of nearly 3,000 pharmacies and 30 hospitals nationwide. Thereby bringing high quality products closer to Vietnamese consumers.

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