Intershop cooperates with B.Braun Vietnam

Intershop cooperates with B.Braun Vietnam

B.Braun Vietnam Co., Ltd was established in 1992 and has more than 28 years of history. and is known as the most typical name in the public health care industry, always focusing on creating and innovating science and technology as a guideline, in order to improve product quality as well as use saving and efficient resources, energy for the environment.

Infectious diseases are threatening countries around the world. Multidrug-resistant microorganisms (MDRO) are a public health problem. Measures to prevent infection or cross transmission are becoming increasingly important. To ensure the safety of patients and healthcare workers, B.Braun provides solutions, training, training and provides a variety of personal protection and infection prevention equipment.

B.Braun is one of the founding members of the Private Organization for Patient Safety (POPS) of the World Health Organization (WHO). The goal to reduce hospital-acquired infections by hand hygiene is based on the WHO program "Clean care is safer care." From May 5, 2009, WHO launched the campaign "Safe care" global hand-carrying" with the companion and support of B.Braun Group has helped this program be promoted more strongly and spread health messages with meaningful humanities all over the world.

After 11 years, also on the special day of May 5, 2020, Intershop Co., Ltd and B.Braun Vietnam Co., Ltd signed a cooperation agreement with the goal of improving public health not only "management" infection” at Medical Facilities, Hospitals but also in Pharmacy channels with the goal of distributing “Infection Control” products to each Vietnamese Family.

According to Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy - General Director of Intershop Co., Ltd., he said that the two units always want to provide solutions in the infection control industry in the retail channel market of pharmacies to improve the quality of health. health for Vietnamese consumers.

B.Braun is a well-known leading corporation in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment in the world, headquartered in Melsungen (Germany) with more than 180 years of extensive expertise. The Group has more than 64 representative offices worldwide, with more than 64,000 employees and a turnover of EUR 6,908 billion in 2018. B.Braun's product range includes a total of 5,000 different products, 95% of the total number of products. It is manufactured by the company. By providing complementary services and consulting, B.Braun is a system provider that develops the best solutions for its patients, works closely with customers, and contributes significantly to medical advancements. learn.

Intershop Co., Ltd. is an importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and dietary supplements for hospitals and retail channels of pharmacies. Established in 2013, the company's business has grown strongly day by day by bringing imported products from the US, Australia and Europe to the Vietnamese market. Intershop Co., Ltd currently has a network of 30 main hospitals and cooperates with pharmacies, drugstore chains and clinics across the country.

With the signing of the cooperation agreement with B.Braun, the company can expand its reach quality, thereby reaching millions of Vietnamese people every day.

Cosmoproject Italia, Natureplex USA, Bayshore Pharmaceuticals USA and many other international factories have chosen Intershop Co., Ltd. as their exclusive partner in Vietnam and Southeast Asia market.

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