Top 8 best varicose vein treatment products today

Varicose veins, also known as chronic lower limb varicose veins, are a type of peripheral vascular disease common in women. When the edges are located in the damaged vein, the blood in the vein will flow in the opposite direction in the usual direction and accidentally stretch the veins. The varicose veins are stretched with the opening of the valves which makes varicose veins more severe over time. Varicose veins are not restricted to any varicose veins in the body, however, the most common position is in the legs because the legs are subject to the pressure of body weight, and the blood vessels in the legs are quite long and complex. Therefore, those who work in occupations must stand for long periods of time such as teachers, factory workers,... Elderly people and pregnant women are more likely to get the disease. Are you suffering from varicose veins and are looking for the best treatment product without knowing which one? So today let's join Toplist to discover the top of the best varicose vein treatment products today through the article below.


According to the market research report in the fourth quarter of 2021, Varicare Gel from The Medicosh brand of Italy continues to be in the Top 1 category of venous care..

Varicose veins is a product that is completely extracted from nature to help reduce the symptoms of varicose veins such as floating blood vessels on the skin, spider veins, cramps, the most painful, edema, ... In addition, the product also supports the prevention of chronic varicose veins, suitable for people of a work nature who have to regularly walk a lot, sit in one place for too long or be sedentary.

Varicose veins if not treated in a timely manner can cause bacterial infections, large-scale skin sores, more dangerous than creating blood clots that move along the blood causing local embolism leading to symptoms such as blood circulation stagnation, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular embolism leading to death. Therefore, it can be said that Medicosh Varicare Gel is the "engraving" of varicose veins.

In Medicosh Varicare Gel contains natural Menthol – the main ingredient that creates a cool feeling when applying the gel to help relieve pain, relax muscles, quickly eliminate the feeling of edema, sting, bring gentle comfort to users after only 1 use.

On online shopping sites, many users have left extremely positive feedback about the pronounced effect after using Medicosh Varicare Gel. H.N. Customers gave a 5-star rating for the product along with the following comment: "I just used this cream for about a week, felt light legs, less pain. Especially at night, my feet ached, just apply once to feel completely reduced and sleep very well. I'd love to. I'll recommend it to a lot of people who use it together."

The product has a pleasant scent, does not cause stickiness, fast osmosis speed, good moisturizing, brings softness to the skin, the effect is pronounced immediately after 1 week of use.

Medicosh Varicare Gel is a product produced by Cosmoproject in partnership with DKSH – the world's leading market development service provider headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland). With 150 years of experience, DKSH Group has 825 business locations in 35 markets, the focus of which is Asia with more than 33,000 employees. In 2018, with a huge turnover of 11.3 billion Swiss francs (CHF), DKSH increasingly affirmed its position in the field of providing a chain of separate or integrated services, focusing on four main areas: consumer goods, healthcare, chemicals, and technology engineering.

In Vietnam, Intershop Co., Ltd. is proud to be a direct and exclusive distributor selected by many large international corporations such as Natureplex USA, Bayshore Pharmaceuticals USA, ... This includes DKSH.

The signing ceremony of cooperation between Intershop Co., Ltd. and DKSH Vietnam in jointly taking care of the health of the Vietnamese people.

Established in 2013, the company's main business is in the field of distribution of health care products and professional cosmetic pharmaceuticals. Intershop shares its vision: "We are constantly striving to become a professional company in the field of research and development of healthcare products through cooperation with major and prestigious manufacturing plants in the world."

Intershop has been growing strongly with the goal and mission of bringing the best products imported from the US, Australia, and Europe to consumers in Vietnam. Currently, Intershop Co., Ltd. owns a prestigious distribution network nationwide with major hospitals, retail pharmacies, pharmacy chains, and clinics across the country.

With a commitment to QUALITY - INTEGRITY - VALUE, becoming a strategic partner with DKSH helps the company to expand its distribution to 10,000 pharmaceutical stores, thereby creating conditions and opportunities for businesses to reach millions of Vietnamese people every day.

During more than 8 years of operation, Intershop has brought itself many prestigious awards and certifications such as Enterprise award for community, Top 50 ASEAN Typical Enterprises, Food Safety Management System Certification according to ISO 22000:2018, Vietnam Gold Brand Certification, ...

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Above is the top of the best varicose veins treatment products today that Toplist would like to introduce to you. Hope the article of Toplist will be useful to you.






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