Mom and Baby System

With the goal of providing the most advanced and quality products to bring the best health to Vietnamese children, the Bprotected brand imported and distributed by Intershop has appeared on the store system of pregnant mothers and babies. Beloved nationwide, aiming to bring high-quality product line closer to consumers. This is also the official convenient distribution channel for parents when now there is an additional choice for the health and nutrition of their children.


Bprotected is a natural vitamin brand from the US, providing the perfect dose for babies in one day, combined with Con Cung - the leading retail chain for mothers and babies in Vietnam. The appearance of Bprotected at Con Cung is a milestone for the long journey for the development of Vietnamese children.

Understanding that children are the object of special attention in terms of nutritional needs to develop at different stages, the American brand Bprotected owns the exclusive rights to natural vitamin formulas approved by the Academy of Medicine. The US recommends, ensuring the perfect dose, meeting 100% of children's needs in a day. The ingredients used in Bprotected are meticulously selected, through a process of purity and consistency in quality. All products undergo a rigorous testing process by UL-STR - a global company in the field of testing to ensure the correct ingredient content as well as the product of optimal quality. operating in the market.

With the mission of taking care of community health and improving the quality of life, Intershop Company has imported and distributed genuine Bprotected product lines on the Vietnamese market with specific product lines as follows:

- Bprotected Zinc Gluconate - Zinc supplement helps strengthen the baby's resistance.

– Pedia D Vite Drops – Natural Vitamin D3 supplement for babies.

– Pedia Poly-Vite Drops – Natural vitamin and mineral supplement for babies.