Intershop cooperates with DKSH Vietnam

On May 21, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, Intershop Co., Ltd and DKSH Vietnam signed a memorandum of understanding to transfer two key brands of Intershop Co., Ltd. Intravenous Medicosh Varicare Gel. This is an important milestone marking the transfer of distribution of these two brands at pharmacies nationwide.

Accordingly, Orlavi Scargel and Medicosh Varicare Gel will join DKSH's professional distribution system at drugstores nationwide to further promote market expansion as well as meet Vietnam people's healthcare needs.



This is a proud achievement, a recognition for the continuous efforts of Intershop Co., Ltd. in researching, researching and importing prestigious products with international quality to bring optimal health solutions. , especially in supporting the treatment of scars and supporting the best varicose veins for the Vietnamese pharmaceutical and cosmetic market. Cooperating with DKSH - the world's leading market development service provider will be a great opportunity to help Orlavi Scargel and Medicosh Varicare Gel get closer to Vietnamese consumers.

In addition, DKSH Vietnam also supports Intershop Co., Ltd in training resources, standardizing the system according to the quality of the Ministry of Health, and at the same time strictly complying with strict regulations according to international standards.



Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy - General Director of Intershop Co., Ltd. said that the two units want to create a breakthrough to help improve the quality of health products for people as well as bring comprehensive health care solutions. according to international standards to serve Vietnamese people. Not only that, this cooperation also helps the two sides maximize their strengths and constantly develop not only in the distribution of these two brands but also many other health care products in the Vietnamese market.

From today, Intershop and DKSH Vietnam Co., Ltd. will join hands to take care of Vietnamese people's health with the most breakthrough solutions, firstly with two brands Orlavi Scargel from the US and Medicosh Varicare Gel from Italy.