Cooperation with Cambodia market

Cooperation with Cambodia market

DottorPrimo is honored to accompany Cho Ray Hospital Phnom Penh.

Cho Ray Hospital Phnom Penh was established in 2004 based on friendly cooperation between Cambodia and Vietnam. This hospital receives support from Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City - a large, reputable and famous hospital in Vietnam, for quality, service and many years of experience in treating patients. both patients in stable and severe conditions. Cambodian patients mainly choose Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh for treatment. In order to minimize travel costs to seek treatment and healthcare services, Cho Ray Hospital - Phnom Penh is not only warmly welcomed by all Cambodian patients and residents, but also contributes to strengthening the relationship between the two countries. friendship and cooperation between the Kingdom of Cambodia and Vietnam.

We are proud that a line of DottorPrimo products are now part of Cho Ray Hospital Phnom Penh's public healthcare program.

Emergency Oil marks the first step of a partnership between Cho Ray Hospital Phnom Penh and DottorPrimo to provide a line of products that protect large open wounds, even in the event of a long and severe chronic illness, based on on studies from Cosmoproject Solutions on a different set of users. With ingredients extracted completely from nature, specifically, Ozone Sunflower Oil and Emergency Oil in stimulating the action of ozone on skin tissue repair processes, help antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.

Once again, the DottorPrimo - Emergency Oli Series is committed to providing the best in public health in epithelial protection and repair.

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