2020, January

0 Cosmoproject
Cosmoproject founded in 1993 by Primo Tortini, owner and sole member, Cosmoproject is today the preferential point of reference for the main brands of the cosmetic industry and private labels
0 Nature Plex
NaturePlex located in Olive Brach, Missisipi, Mỹ, NaturePlex owns the Starte-of-the-art- facility over 125,00 sq ft based on FDA established facility
0 Outstanding Achievements
Outstanding Achievements
0 Bayshore Pharmaceuticals
Bayshore Pharmaceuticals, LLC offers a range of services, specializing in the manufacture of liquid dietary and vitamin supplements. We provide turn-key services from product inception to distribution including formulation development,testing,stability,regulatory and marketing label review, filling and packaging. Our manufacturing site in Tampa, FL is capable of producing high quality cost effective Vitamins and Dietary supplements under cGMP conditions. Our key focus is the ability to be nimble without compromising quality and integrity.
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