BJP Laboratories

BJP Laboratories

Long-standing, 100% Australian owned vitamin company - with dedication and integrity as its guiding principles. Providing quality natural health supplements with a wide range of vitamins, minerals and herbs for over 75 years. Product manufacturing focuses on very high standards of testing, efficiency, hygiene and manufacturing. Source of special raw materials, pure, quality.
BJP Laboratories is located in the Gold Coast city of Queensland on the east coast of Australia. The factory is certified with GMP standard of Good Manufacturing Practice, applicable to production management in the following industries: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical equipment, food...

GMP is part of a quality management system that ensures control of plant (infrastructure) conditions, human conditions and control of production processes to meet safety and health standards. provide consumers with the elimination of the risk of cross-contamination and confusion.

The benefit that GMP brings is creating a scientific, systematic and complete quality management method, reducing incidents and risks in production and business.

BJP Analytical Laboratories provides contracted laboratory testing, providing analytical testing services to pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturers. With BJPs 16 and expanding professional staff, including three doctoral degrees, you have a partner that understands the unique requirements of your business and industry; one who can provide technical expertise, innovation and world-class facilities that allow you to bring products to market faster and meet all current quality, health and safety standards.

With the signing of cooperation agreement with BJP Laboratories factory, Intershop brings to Vietnam market a line of quality functional food products from Australia to Vietnamese consumers.

Cosmoproject Italia, Natureplex USA, Bayshore Pharmaceuticals USA and many other international factories have chosen Intershop Co., Ltd. as their exclusive partner in Vietnam and Southeast Asia market.


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