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Intershop in honor of accompanying with hosptals  in order to bring the best health care products to the customers.

Hospital listings are partnering with Intershop:

  1.        Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City
  2.        Da Nang Dermatology Hospital
  3.        Hue Central Hospital
  4.        Hung Vuong Hospital
  5.        Tu Du Maternity Hospital
  6.        FV Hospital
  7.        Hanh Phuc International Hospital
  8.        Au Co Hospital
  9.        Minh Anh International Hospital
  10.    Mekong Maternity Hospital HCM
  11.    Chau Thanh Nam Hospital
  12.    Can Tho Dermatology Hospital
  13.    Can Tho General Hospital
  14.    Can Tho Central General Hospital  
  15.    Can Tho Cardiovascular Hospital
  16.    MEDIC Hoa Hao General Hospital in Can Tho
  17.    Ca Mau Maternity Hospital


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